Start with a deep breath

How do you recharge? Where does that little extra spark of energy you need to restore your natural balance come from? From exercise, you might say - and you'd be partially correct. Of course the physical boost and mental stimulation we receive when we are out enjoying Mother Nature are kicks in and of themselves. But have you ever paused to consider why? Just what is the actual physical process our bodies experience that makes us feel so alive and full of energy when we find ourselves outside enjoying nature? More importantly, were you aware that it can be replicated and applied no matter where you are?


Know your enemy

The burdens placed upon us grow heavier every year and medical experts add more and more diseases to an ever-growing list - those mediated by oxidative stress. Oxidative stress is caused by an excess of free radicals - highly reactive substances created during normal metabolism in the cells. Some major causes of excess free radicals are air pollutants, toxic heavy metals, radiation and even the oxygen we breathe. 

A healthy lifestyle

A balanced, healthy lifestyle requires a combination of rest, regular exercise and sound nutritional habits. Regular use of the VALKION is a great addition to this list of healthy habits.